Can I bring my dog? +

Of course! Dogs are more than welcome here.

Do you accept reservations? +

The short answer is: No, without exception.

The detailed one:
We use fantastic products - mostly from small, local producers. Whenever possible, everything we serve is homemade. Quality costs. But at the same time, we want to offer our food and drinks for a fair price. In reality, reservations that turn up late or not at all are an immense cost factor for restaurants and cafés. So we have to weigh up: Do we raise prices to compensate for the shortfalls or do we refrain from offering reservations.

We have decided on the second option. Feel free to drop by - we'll find a place for you.

You are a larger group and would like to eat in Handschuhsheim? +

If you are a minimum of 10 people and arrive at 9.00 am, we will be happy to prepare a table for you. Please contact Kaya in advance: kaya[at]nomad-heidelberg.de She will give you feedback.

What are your opening hours? +

Look at the respective location: Handschuhsheim, Weststadt or Neuenheim.

Can I buy a voucher and where can I redeem it? +

Yes, just drop by our café (physical voucher card) or click here to buy a voucher online. Vouchers can be redeemed in all locations, regardless of where they were purchased. Our location Deli nomad is independent and has its own vouchers that can only be redeemed at Deli nomad. Read more here.

Are you barrier-free? +

Our location in Handschusheim is the best choice. You are welcome to ring the bell downstairs - we will come down and take care of you.

Are you child-friendly? +

We love children. Handschuhsheim is perfect for big and small. High chairs are on site, changing tables are accessible to all and crayons & mandalas are available for you.

Are you accepting applications? +

Absolutely. We are always interested in meeting exciting people. Feel free to check out our job opportunities and send us your application!

Do you have gluten-free and vegan food? +

We always have something vegan and gluten-free on offer. You can also see the allergens on our menus. 

Menu Handschusheim

Menu Weststadt

Menu Neuenheim

You have constructive criticism and would like to share it? +

Feel free to get in touch at our contact form or contact our on-site management.